Videoblog about running business with China

We continues our special episodes about new Wuhan coronavirus 2019-nCoV. What measures have been taken since the last week? How to stay safe? What about a new hospital in Wuhan? All the answers from the local Chinese.

Hi, everyone! This is Ningbopoint and today we have unusual episode. Where in Ningbo to have a cheap and good rest, to have nice drinks and listen to life music? The answers are in this episode

Hi, today’s episode is about the situation in Wuhan, the Coronavirus 2019-nCov. Is it a deadly epidemic or just hyped rumors? How serious and dangerous is it? What happens in cities, hospitals, and train stations? And what to do in this situation? Watch our video directly from China. At the end of the video - a couple of tips on civil defense.

Hi, everyone, this is Ningbopoint. Today we will talk about dilettante in China who pretend to be experienced specialists. How to see you work with? How to find a real professional specialist? And the main question: how not to lose money? All the answers are in the new episode

Good afternoon! Today’s episode is about loading of 40” container. Except for loading nuances, I will also show you a few quirks from the daily life of every Chinese.

Good morning from Ningbopoint. Today we have a video feedback from our client. We will talk about difference between Asia and Europe and get to know what kind of difficulties the customer had to deal with while his first visit to China. And also we will answer the question wheather you need a Chinese interpreter or not. Watch the feedback here

I continue making videos about mistakes which can be done while working with China, and seeing how to solve them. Today I will show you one more case of work of incompetent agent who has found a small garage style factory in China. The result is that the customer has got awful quality product. 

Hi, everyone, this is Ningbopoint! Today I will give you some recommendations how to effectively spend your time while business trip to China. Also I will show you a local expo of office supplies in Ningbo, the city which provides stationeries to the whole world. 

It’s a winter, cold, and we say you hello from summer. Let’s forget about the work and let’s have a rest. Today my family and I are going to Chinese Zhoushan islands. We take a good mood and nice music with us. The clean beaches and warm sea are waiting for us. Let’s go!

Hi, everyone, this is Ningbopoint. It’s three minutes before the train leaves but I still have a chance to ask the client to give me some feedback. I’d like him to tell me what he thinks about my work and answer the question “why do the clients need a Chinese interpreter?” Watch it here 

Hi, everyone! Today I am interpeting for Russian State quality control organization inspector. We are going to a big manufacturer for certification.Many people tell about it, but nobody shows the process. Today I will show on practice how everything goes on the example of refrigerator making factory. Let's go!

Hi, everyone. This is Ningbopoint and today we are in China Qingdao city which is a famous Chinese sea port. The purpose of coming here is to buy tires from local factory Longlong. How to get to the world known factory and arrange long term relationships you can get to know from this episode

Hi, long time no see! This episode is about difficulties of my job – quality inspector in China. You will see how Chinese manufacturer cheats on clients, why  we use copper sulpate, and also I will show you a Chinese supplier with European quality. Let’s go!

Hi, everyone. This is Ningbopoint and today we’ve got one of my old videos in the episode. We are visiting tires manufacture ZhongCe, whici is one of the TOP world’s companies: passenger car tire, truck tires, special tires.  So we are at the place, but aren’t allowed in. Why? What to do? The answers is in the episode

Hi, friends. Today we will talk about rest in China, we will see what else except for work one may do coming to China.

Hi, this is Ningbopoint. Today we are still in Hong Kong: peaceful tiny streets and huge skyscrapers, a walk around before visiting a year’s biggest music event - Guns N’ Roses concert “Not in This Lifetime 2018”.

Why do many people do quality inspection in China? How to check lamps? Is it safe to buy product at the garage factories? What is the specilaist's work about? The questions for all these questions you will find in this episode.

Hi, everyone, this is Ningbopoint and today I am going to Hong Kong! In this episode you’ll see a trip from Mainland to HK, Chek Lap Kok Airport, a shuttle bus to the ex-British colony city center and cheap hotel in downtown of Kowloon.

This week we had an interesting situation: two Chinese companies make the same product but have totally different attitude to customer. Why is it so? What to do? The answers are in the new episode. Watch it and make the conclusions!

Hi everyone, this is Ningbopoint. In today's episode we will show you how "beautiful words" of Chinese manufacturers disappear while visiting factories. A factory without a single machine and people - only bare walls. How to avoid such situations look in this video

A short pre-history: the new order was placed in April, the client came to the quality check in the beginning of August, the container was finally loaded at the end of September. 6 months of troubles and worries. But why do clients still work with China? The answer is in the end of the episode.

Hi, everyone, this is Ningbopoint. Today we have a feedback from our clinet. Why do they needan interpreter? How do they feel being in China for the first time? What problems did they have to deal with?

After a long walk at the Yiwu Futian market I’d like to interview my client. What does he think about Yiwu market, how much time does one need to see the market and what is important while choosing Chinese interpreter?

Hi, everyone, this is Ningbopoint and today I'm visiting a 40 years old factory for container loading control. Today we are controlling several supplier’s product loading. Why can it be important to control container loading?

My trip to Yiwu is coming to the end. Making a conclusion: how to move fast and cheap in Yiwu, the view to the biggest market in the world, some mistakes of my clients. Don't miss it – it's going to be interesting!

Hi, this is Ningbopoint and here is the final episode of our Canton Fair Spring 2019 videos. The main purpose of today’s episode is to tell you why I find the Canton fair ineffective any more, what are the reasons and what kinds of expos are better on my opinion.

Hi, this is Ningbopoint. In this episode there will be continuation of Yiwu business trip (Futian market). I am translating for my client. Why Chinese do not like Yiwu, “high quality” products and where to stay in the city watch here

Hi, everyone! This is Ningbopoint, today we continue visiting Canton Fair Spring 2019. We will search for new product, sightseeing Guangzhou and also will give you a piece of advice about Chinese taxi.

I often have to go to Yiwu as a quality inspector and interpreter of Chinese. And since I’ve been living in China for a ling time, I’ve noticed some peculiarities of China’s biggest market – Yiwu Futian. What the peculiarities are – watch on this video.

Hi, this is Ningbopoint, and today I’ve flown all the way from Ningbo to Guangzhou for visiting Canton Fair 2019. However, my aim today is not only translating for clients, sourcing new product and meeting suppliers.