Videoblog about running business with China

Hi, everyone, today's new episode is about inspection of vacuum cleaner. I will show you a huge Chinese factory, see the laboratory for sound testing, and also tell you about “client’s factor”. All of these are on our channel.

In this video you will see the audit of refrigerant manufacturer. What does audit mean and how do such factories look like that’s what I will talk about.

Video customer feedback, which I provide escort and translation services in Guangzhou. I help to find reliable suppliers, assist them in resolving disputable situations, carry out inspection. More about my services on the youtube channel.

Why does the same product, but ordered in different times, have different quality (with various defects), though it was produced at the same place in the same conditions? What do you have to make sure before paying to the seller?

Third part of our trip to Guangzhou is right here! Today we continue translating for the Russian client at the expo and manufacturer’s workshops. 8 meters long pizza, a huge railway station, secret workshops and large factory in Ningbo. More information is on our channel.

This is a short review of my working day. Some facts about my office work (inspection reports), lunch in Chinese cafeteria, flight to Tianjin.

We continue our trip to Guangzhou. In the second part of our Guangzhou episodes you’ll see an expo of food machines, 54 suppliers and try a long pizza and other food at the expo. More information about services are on our youtube.

Here you will see Chinese interpreter’s work nuances. Visiting world famous injection machines manufacturers Haitian group.

Hi everyone, today I am in Guangzhou. In the first part of our Guangzhou tour you will see local morning exercises, views of the city, a strange factory and Chinese managers slogan. All these are on our channel

This video is about our adventures in Shanghai. Visiting international Expo of building materials. Typhon “Yaggi” in the end of the video.

Today’s episode is a real feedback about my work from our client. The main purpose of our work was visiting new Chinese suppliers.

What is important while choosing an interpreter? What kinds of “specialists” shouldn’t you choose and why?

Also in this video you will see a large mold-making factory.

Hi everyone, today I am continuing to tell you about electric tools. You will see the total difference between suppliers and their products. 

In this video I will show you good quality production and a reliable supplier (trimmers, hairdryers).

Today’s episode is about product sourcing and visiting Chinese suppliers. You will see a number of electric tools manufacturers. 

This short video is about China biggest wholesale market in Yiwu.

Amazon product inspection. A huge factory, quality inspection process and a piece of advice from the inspector! All these are in today’s episode.

A simple manufacturing line, an ordinary factory, fast scooters, these are my usual working day, a supplier audit. In the video you can see some of nuances of Chinese manufactures. In this video my purpose is to visit the supplier and make the audit.

Hi, I am continuing walking around Beijing. Beihai park, Forbidden city and tour guide job - these are what you can find in todays episode.

This video shows the peculiarities of working with Chinese managers, and how professionals make the inspection of a very difficult product.

Hi, today I am an interpreter in Beijing. A client who didn’t show up, a meeting which didn’t happen, walking around the capital – all these and other information here

In this video you’ll know what to pay attention to while visiting Chinese suppliers. I will teach you how to make AQL inspections.

A new episode about third party inspections in China. We will see unreliable suppliers, tiny workshops of Guangzhou calling themselves factories and talk about disadvantages of working with them.

In this video I’m comparing 2 videos and making unexpected conclusions.

This episode was supposed about translating for a client, but he didn’t manage to arrive in China, so today’s video is about visiting a Chinese local stop valve Expo in Wenzhou city

5 months belated Machines loading.

Hi, today’s episode is about interpreter’s life in China. I’ll tell you about some trends from China, show you my ordinary days and some interesting moments of Asian life. 

Inspections in China. Interpreting services.