In 2016 I did 130 quality inspections, in 2017 I made 170 inspections of goods (and this is besides my other job – translating and export). I think that now most of the products I inpect I know even better then customers. I find it easy and joyful to do the quality inspections as I know where the defects can be found, and even at the gates of the factory I can approximately guess what is the level of quality there. 

I know what AQL standarts are not only theoretically, but also in practice, what quantity of product should be checked for better results, how and what for to make tests. In my video blog you can also find inspection and audit videos. 

Inspector’s job

I believe that the inspectors work is to estimate the product’s quality and inform the customer about it.

If you think that the transport box measurements are very important, then you are wrong. Of course, you need to measure it and see the weight, but this information is important mostly for forwarder, not for you as a customer.

Doesn’t matter what product category I check, I always have requirements for the process and photos and the final report. 

1) Photo is a document which can be used in disputes with the factories and even in the court. Therefore master box, gift box, the guiideline, the product itself, all the defects are must be pictured by the inspector. For instance, only the master box needs about 10 photos, all the parts of the product should be taken photo individually. Nornally I make about 60-90 photos during one inspection. All the pictures have personal numbers and then compressed into a file.

2) The inspection and photo making process constists of:

  • The total quantity of product and boxes
  • The package (the quality of packing, make sure the product doesn’t get any damages duie to a poor package)
  • Design of the product (it must be the same as in technical parametrs the customer gives me beforehead)
  • AQL
  • Making all the necessary tests (for example, irons have 26 tests to be done)
  • Checking spare parts and elements.

3) The report usually takes about 3-4 pages, the photos aren’t inserted into the report, only photo’s numbers are written there. 

Mistakes while choosing the inspector or how not to do.

I searched for hundred of inspection websites, and I made a conclusion that most of the website owners have never done any serious incpestions, juts simple measurements, couple of product photos and that’s it. That’s why just ask your inspector:

  • How far is the factory from the inspector’s place?
  • Did he check such a product before? How did he check it? What did he pay attention to? What tests did he make? What kinds of defects did he find?
  • Who exactly will do the inspection? It always happens that students or non-qualified people go to the inspection as a result the client gets the minimum results.
  • Working with Chinese, remember that some of them are not reliable and can have some interests as a third party.

Defects minimization

Inspection is a sort of defects prevention. Of course, it’s easier to minimize defects before the product is already done. That’s why the audit of supplier is very important, it’s function is to show whether the manufacturer is able to make the product according to the client’s requirements. Then the customer orders the samples which then can be used during the inspection to compare the quality. Then comes the ready product inspection and container loading. 

The instruments that I use during inspections

Special stickers for marking defects. The tape - make the tape test. Scraper - adhesion test.

Special stickers for marking defects. The tape - make the tape test. Scraper - adhesion test.


Camera with macro (small defects cannot shoot on phone). Scale. Roulette.

Camera with macro (small defects cannot shoot on phone). Scale. Roulette.


Inspection costs

  • Standard inspection: 110 USD.

  • Amazon product inspection: 110 USD

  • AQL inspection: 130-150 USD.

  • Container loading: 110 USD.

I work all over Zhejiang province. In case of business trip, the road is paid separately.


My inspection reports you can find here.