We all know what is audit (inspection, statutory document), but absolutely not everyone knows the peculiarities of a manufacturer check, and this is, however, one of the most important parts because in future, if any disputs occur, they can influence on a result of the partnership. Therefore this subject is very useful for your business with China. 

Instead of foreword

This article, as well as all the others on this website, is experienced by me personally, and the experience that I got is the result of my own trials and mistakes after first couple of years in China. Except for translating and inspection job, I also export some products to other counties. And during one of my business deal I was cheated by the Chinese manufacturer so that I had to appeal to the lawyer. Hereinafter I will speak about whats is important duiring the supplier audit, what to pay attention to, what criterias are the cruicial while choosing supplier, what documents need to be checked and how not to loose your benefit in a new deal. 


The most productive supplier audit is surely the personal visit as a result of which you are supposed to get the following information:

  1. All the details about your product: you need to know how deep is the supplier’s knowlendge about it, how long he has been manufacturing it, see if he totally inderstands all your requirements to the product;
  2. Supplier’s production capacity: workshops, warehouses, offices, product testing laboratories, workers, boss office, showroom and so on. All these can show the supplier’s production culture, the real capacity of production, the real finished product quality and also the way the supplier checks his own quality of the goods.
  3. Check his original ducoments and anlyze whether the company has had any law problems, if the registered address is the same as the real one, in one word, you need to make sure if the company legaly exists. 

On the base of the mentioned information, I prepare the 4-page audit report with the detailed information. It includes:

  • The supplier’s company description
  • The company’s structure including the contact information
  • Workshops description
  • Quality control process discription
  • Workers work conditions and so on.


In conclusion, I’d like to say that the audit rises you chances to find a relly good and reliable supplier, but always remember “you have your benefits while money are in your hands”. 

My prices

The audit cost is $110.00 usd.