Sergey, Krasnoyarsk city, pump machines

I was acquainted with Dmitriy while being in Russia via the Internet. I texted him and got a very quick reply. Before visiting China we kept staying in contact and every time I had questions, Dmitriy always gave me very clear answers. What was very important for me being on my first trip to China is that he picked me up in the airport otherwise it was easy to get lost. During the expo which actually was the purpose of visit Dmitriy showed himself as a professional interpreter and inspector. He didn’t only translate, but also told me how to choose a reliable supplier, how to inspect the product and how to run the business with China. I strongly recommend him and planning to develop our work relationships.  

Vladimir, Saint-Petersburg, home used electronic devices

We sail home used electronic devices and every order is inspected by Dmitriy according to AQL requirements. He always manages to find defects so we know minimize them next time. I find him to be a reliable and a professional inspector.

Olga, Ekaterinburg, food machines

It’s been long time since we started to work with Dmitriy. He took us to several factories and help to get the best prices from the manufacturers. And now every time we buy something in China, it’s always him to make the inspections for us. We are thankful to Dmirtiy for proving us business solutions in working with China.

Marina, Kazan, Jewelry

Thanks Dmitriy for a good service! Speaks fluent Chinese, know a lot about Chinese culture, know how to get well with the supplier, very polite and stongly protects his client’s interests. We worked well last time so in future I will always hire as my interpreter and inspector for all my orders. 

Oleg, Kiev, Amazon seller

Most of our clients are Russian speaking customers buying products from China. When they make orders to Chinese suppliers, they want to be sure that the quality is the highest. So Dmitriy is one of our inspectors. What is the most important for us in work with him is that he has a huge experience and knows what to pay attention to during the check and how to deal with manufacturers in case of deffects. Except for following our instructions, he also gives us his opinion about the product, or how to change the defects, and about the production system at factories. Dmitriy is also very punctual and reliable, and if he promises then he does the job very well.

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