Ningbo is one of the China biggest sea ports so no wonder why there so many sea forwarders in this citty. However, not all of you know that the geographical position of Ninbo gives advantages not only for sea freights, but also for air delivery as well as auto and railway (this mostly concerns Russia and Ukraine). Though there are not straight trains from Ningbo to Moscow, in the next province, Suzhou city, there is a railway station where the train to Europe leaves from. As for auto delivery, we have our warehouse in Yiwu city and the lorry to Russia also departs from there. As for air delivery, we can send any products (including the goods with batteries) from Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Hong Kong to any cities of any countries, including DDP Amazon warehouse services. 

Freight cost depends on many factors: weight, volume, departure airport, destination airport, the group of goods, air company and even season. For instance, notebooks about 250 kg can be delivered to Dallas, Texas Amazon warehouse for 3.8 usd per one kilo.

Sea freight takes longer time and normally it’s way cheaper then air freight, however, there are some peculiarities as well. For example, most of the sea carriers has a minimum acceptable weight/volume which is normally 2 cbm. So, if your cargo is only 100 kilos and 0.2 cubic metres, you still need to pay for 2 cbm which is approximately 365 dollars per kilo. So it obviously makes sence that in some cases air freight is has much more benefits than waiting for almost 40 days for sea delivery. 

Anyway I think before choosing a final forwarder you need to compare prices and attitude of several companies first, so welcome to inquire our freight costs too.