Professional quality control inspector in China (Ningbo, Wenzhou, Yiwu)

Professional quality control inspector in China (Ningbo, Wenzhou, Yiwu)

Inspection, manufactory audit, Supplier Quality Control, factory evaluation.
Delivery, logistics, shipping.

Interpreting Services, visiting Expos

Interpreting Services

Interpreting Services,

visiting Expos.

110 $


Third party quality inspection


Third party

quality inspection.

From 110 $


Supplier audit, inquiring seller’s supply ability, documents and workshops

Supplier audit

Inquiring seller’s supply ability,

documents and workshops.

110 $



Hello! My name is Dmitriy, I am a professional quality control inspector. In the past I used to work as a sourse manager, and since 2013 I’ve been living and working in China. I know lots of peculiarities in working with Chinese suppliers, understand Chinese laws and also realise the way Chinese suppliers run the business.
I am very familiar with Zhejiang province, regulary visit different factories, therefore I can easily figure out if your supplier is the manufacturer or just a trading agent. Due to daily quality check inspections, I know well the specifications of various groups of products and understand what issues I should pay attention duiring the third party inspections.
As a result of my knowledge and experience, I’ve registered my own company in China. My work is to solve all the questions between buyer and seller: supplier audit for minimizing risks, quality control inspections to make sure that the product completely satisfies customer’s specification, preparing custom’s documents and so on.
My knowledge and good experience hepl me to achieve the best results for all customers with various needs and requirements.

I provide these services personally therefore,

I know the specifics of the work well.

My services

  • 1 Quality inspections.
  • 2 Supplier audit.
  • 3 Sea and air freight.
  • 4 Supplier search: find products according to cutomer’s specification.
  • 5 Amazon, FBA shipping service.
  • 6 Trade mark registration ™.

Business srarts in Ningbo!


I’ve been living in China since 2013 and only now, after getting a huge experience in working with local suppliers, I’ve decided to make my website to share my practice and help you to get the best quality product.

I work with customers with absolutely different range of sales and product categories. And I think there are not any same inpections and requirements. It can be a half an hour short quality check for 70 dollars or difficult AQL inspection. So knowing all the features of the product and peculiarities which should be considered duiring the production, I can find the best quality goods for my clients.

As Ningbo is not only a big manufacturing city, but also a large sea port I provide freight servises among which there are sea freight, air freight, railway freight to Russia, Amazon DDP delivery. I know the best sea lines and the cheapest warehouses in the city.

In case your supplier doesn’t have the export license, I also provide foreign trade servises, beginning from the proccess of placing an order and ending with customs declaraition and sending off the product.

How do I achieve my goals? I just do what I must do and love what I do. 


The questions I am most being asked by my clients

How long have you been staying in China?

I’ve been staying in China since 2013. Since 2014 I’ve even living and working in Ningbo. My working area includes Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong provinces, and more seldom I work in Hebei, Fujian and Shandong.

Whats is your education background?

I’ve got master degree in technical sphere: system engineer. My second education is Chinese. Living here, I successfully use both.

What is your Chinese lever?

I’ve got HSK 5 certificate, can fluently speak, read and write.

Do you have a family?

Yes, my family lives in Ningbo with me. My daughter attends Chinese kindergarten.

We cannot go to China right now. Can you held the negotiations instead on behalf of our company?

Yes, I provide such kind of service as your representative in China. The term of this service I’d like to discuss privately (contacting your supplier, getting and checking samples, cargo consolidation, preparing documents).

What do you do in China?

I do inspections, production, export to CIS (container shipments)

What group of product do you mostly work?

It is a huge list of products: machines, small household appliances, line accessories, everyday used products, stationary, Amazon products. More detailed list you can find here, here you can also find many photos.

What does the quality check mean?

Any product can be defected. The aim of inspection is to find out all the defects. We check the general look, functional check, testing and etc. All these measures help to figure out the quality of your product and whether it meets all your requirements.

We want to start our production in China. What kind of manufactures do you work with?

First of all, it is metal industry (mechanical processing, milling operations, welding, press equipment). I also proving mould production and designing services, plastic injection and rubber product production.

Do you know Chinese culture and how to establish good business relationships with Chinese partners?

Surely I do. For me, being able to speak the Chinese and do not understand local culture is the same as to have the driving license but not knowing how to drive. I believe that understanding the local traditions and culture is a base of successful partnership.

What souvenir can I bring to my Chinese supplier?

For establishing good relationships any kinds of your local souvenirs will be good, for instance, your national symbols (it will better if it is red or golden). However, don’t give clock and books as a gift.

What nuances are there in running business with China?

More information about working with China you can find here.