In this article I will speak about 2 topics:

  1. Visiting Expos: plans and purposes. Practical advice.
  2. Advantges of participating in expos. Main purposes. 

Every year I translete duiring various expos, fairs and forums in China. Most of my clients are visitors, but there are a few participants too. Below I will speak all these topics and give some practical recomdations. 

Visiting expos 

I believe that all you have heard about Canton Fair. However, I think it’s more useful to visit local specialized expos rather than such a huge fairs as Canton. They are held al over China, not only in big cities but in small towns as well. 

To get the maximum results it’s better to have a plan. Therefore I always have the following aims for the expos:

  • Getting infromation about new suppliers.
  • Compare prices and price-forming conditions.
  • See new products and the ways they can be used.
  • Make new business partners and visiting present suppliers.
  • Discuss new orders, or even sign contracts. 

According to your purposes ou just choose the ones that fit you and start visiting expos. 

Some practical recommendations for visitors

  • Remember to take a pen, a notebook, cards, wheel suitcase for catalogs, comfortable shoes.
  • Try not to take all your belongings with you (leave them in hotel or at train station cloakroom.
  • First make a photo of a name card, then of booth, and then of the product.
  • Take care about your lunch (leave some time for finding food area in the pavilion or take something to eat with you).
  • Normally by the afternoon of the last day most of the suppliers are already packed because many of them come from another cities. That’s why try not to plan anything very important for the last day. 

Participating in Expos

Though participating in an Expo can cost pretty much money it still helps to solve a number of purposes:

  • Your product demonstration.
  • Analysing your main market.
  • Finding new customers.
  • Seeing your competitor’s products.
  • Increasing you client base.
  • Experience exchange.
  • Seeing what the market is interested in. 

I can accompany you during visiting or taking part in Expos, the cost is 110 USD.