Good morning from Ningbopoint. Today we have a video feedback from our client. We will talk about difference between Asia and Europe and get to know what kind of difficulties the customer had to deal with while his first visit to China. And also we will answer the question wheather you need a Chinese interpreter or not. Watch the feedback here

A visit to local expo of office stationary ends up with a short feedback from my customer. You'll hear an opinion of a person who is for the first time in China and gets into funny situations while communicating with Chinese suppliers. Watch the video and see how to get away from misunderstanding with Chinese, enjoy it!
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My name is Dmitry Sayutin. This channel is dedicated to work and business with China. The everyday realities of Chinese factories await you, from production “on the knees” to high-tech, from the garage to robotic warehouses.
You will also get acquainted with the nuances of cooperation with the Middle Kingdom, you will understand the mechanisms of interaction with suppliers:
- search and selection of a supplier in China;
- Audit of a company / factory in China;
- support on Chinese business trip / exhibition;
- Inspection of goods and control of shipment from China;
- Logistics Services in China, etc.
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