Amazon product inspection. A huge factory, quality inspection process and a piece of advice from the inspector! All these are in today’s episode.

This time I came to the supplier to inspect some product for Amazon – gloves. A nice weather, perfect mood and a very accurate production.  I will also give you a piece of advice how to make inspection requirements and what to pay attention to while visiting a supplier. Don’t miss this episode!



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My name is Dmitry Sayutin. This channel is dedicated to work and business with China. The everyday realities of Chinese factories await you, from production “on the knees” to high-tech, from the garage to robotic warehouses.
You will also get acquainted with the nuances of cooperation with the Middle Kingdom, you will understand the mechanisms of interaction with suppliers:
- search and selection of a supplier in China;
- Audit of a company / factory in China;
- support on Chinese business trip / exhibition;
- Inspection of goods and control of shipment from China;
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