AQL inspection


一分钱一分货 This is a Chinese saying, which can be translated as “you get what you pay for”.


Today I would like to tell about the inspection requirements, expectations and reality. My price list is here on the website, and the standard inspection cost is 110$ plus the tickets fee. I am underlining, that it is a STANDARD inspection cost, which is normally can be finished in 3-4 hours. During this time a professional inspector choses in a random way a particular number of units, measures the cartons, checks the individual package and the product itself, makes some tests if they are required. He makes photos and videos of all the defects that he finds. Then the inspector prepares a report and sends it to the client. 

Why don’t we inspect all the units of the order? Theoretically, if the product quantity is not big, we can make the full inspection. But is it necessary? If out of 20% units there are 10% defects that means, that out of 100% units there will be the relevant quantity of defects too. Remember the probability theory! 

What is nonstandard inspection? It is an AQL inspection.

AQL – acceptance quality level, the maximum percent of defects in one order, which can be acceptable after the inspection. AQL inspection has its rules, the particular number of units must be check not only by seeing its appearance. The inspector must check, if the product’s functions, package, labels, colors are all good. AQL inspection needs more time, because as a rule, the products are home electronics and a number of tests must be done too. Moreover, the AQL report is not just a paper written by a hand, it is a difficult more than 3 pages report with lots of formulas in it. Only a report needs about 2-3 hours to be finished. 

I think that the difference between two kinds of inspections is obvious, so the price difference is also very reasonable. Therefore before the inspection is held, I always ask for the detailed requirement list in order to understand what I need to deal with. I am a responsible inspector and I never accept such an inspection task as “you first go to the factory and then I’ll tell you what to do”. This is for beginners, and I am a professional, I have a huge experience and know how to find defects. So for our productive cooperation we both need to know what results we want to get.