The news about the new coronavirus epidemic 2019-nCoV has not only spread around the world, but also overgrown with a lot of myths. As residents of China, we want to bring some clarity to the situation for those who follow the news on TV or on social networks.

So, on 5.02.2020, according to official data, 24398 confirmed cases of infection were registered, 23260 people were under observation, 934 people recovered and were discharged from hospitals, 492 deaths. Outside of China, the number of infected people is also growing, 175 cases of infection with the new coronavirus abroad are already confirmed. As a result of this, during an emergency meeting on January 30, 2020, World Health Organization recognized the 2019-nCoV virus epidemic as an international emergency.

More about the beginning of epidemic in our video.

What are the consequences of this virus?

  1. Since this virus is new, there are no vaccines or officially recognized drugs against it. The only thing that can help is a healthy strong immune system. Therefore, the urgent and priority task of the Chinese government is not only to cure the sick, but first of all to prevent the spread of the epidemic. For this purpose, Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, a number of cities in Hubei province, as well as the city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang province, have been quarantined. In other cities, to prevent the spread of the virus, the Spring Festival holidays have been extended, tentatively until February 10. Therefore, those who planned to place orders with Chinese suppliers, be prepared that factories will start production after mid-February, and in some regions - even at the end of February.
  2. Due to the emergency situation imposed by the world health organization, 50 airlines have already suspended flights to China. Since the overall cargo is also sent by passenger flights, it is expected to increase the delivery time, as well as increase the airfreight cost like in the season of Christmas, New year and Chinese New year.
  3. For those who planned to visit Chinese suppliers or international exhibitions, it is advisable to postpone the trip until the end of the quarantine. As for exhibitions, 3 exhibitions have already been canceled and more than 100 exhibitions have been postponed indefinitely. Check out the list of postponed and canceled exhibitions here.
  4. Also, the epidemic will affect those who are waiting for samples or parcels from China. Remember, that the purchases from Aliexpress, as well as other products from China, anre safe and cannot carry the virus. The virus does not live more than 2-4 hours outside the human environment, so it will not reach the buyer in time. However, due to the widespread quarantine in China, 90% of delivery services do not work, and those that continue to function, deliver parcels longer.
  5. Of course, China is suffering billions of dollars in losses due to the epidemic. This is a big blow to the country's economy, but nevertheless, the WHO decided not to impose restrictions on international trade and logistics for China. Therefore, as soon as the factories return to production, customers will be able to place orders and pick up goods in the same mode.